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Business Merger Causes Late Deliveries
Acquisitions can bring businesses new income, new opportunities, and, often, integration issues. Case in point:  An international manufacturer purchased and merged four companies into a new business unit. The acquisitions established the manufacturer as a key player in a new and growing product category. The integration issue: Key customers were canceling accounts […]

A Business Merger Causes Late Deliveries

Marketing and Lean Six Sigma
Teresa, Owner/Operator of Reveal Marketing, creates mobile, user-friendly online marketing plans for her clients. She first heard of Six Sigma when she was studying for her Master in Marketing at Miami University. It was just a brief mention in a lecture, but it caught her attention and stayed with her. Several […]

Success Story: Teresa, Marketing Professional

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Cynthia Iwasaki
Cynthia Iwasaki’s voice beams with excitement as she talks about applying Lean Six Sigma at ITC Manufacturing, a steel decking manufacturer in Columbus, Ohio, where she is leading quality improvements, including a focus on reducing scrap tonnage (a metric for efficiency). To reduce scrap, processes are being audited and updated […]

Success Story: Cynthia Iwasaki, ITC Manufacturing

Roger Corman, Lean Six Sigma Visionary
We recently received this email from one of our White Belt students about the use of Lean Six Sigma in filmmaking. It’s always nice to hear how Lean Six Sigma is applicable in various fields. We want to thank Bill for providing these insights that we could not have expressed […]

Lean Six Sigma in Filmmaking?

Stress at work is not Necessary
Stress At Work Do you dread going to work everyday? Do your co-workers seem upset and unhappy at work? Do you run a workplace that is always beyond its means? Do you find yourself using the same excuses day after day,” we’re under-staffed,” “we’re experiencing more calls than usual,” “Several […]

Stress at Work: Is Stress Running Your Workplace?