Lean Six Sigma in Filmmaking?

Roger Corman, Lean Six Sigma in filmmaking

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We recently received this email from one of our White Belt students about the use of Lean Six Sigma in filmmaking.

It’s always nice to hear how Lean Six Sigma is applicable in various fields. We want to thank Bill for providing these insights that we could not have expressed so eloquently.

“I just wanted to thank you for the great Lean Six Sigma White Belt course at the Career Development Center in Pittsburgh earlier this month.”
“I’m a writer and filmmaker, and, to be honest, I wasn’t sure that there was anything for me in the course. What little I knew of both Lean and Six Sigma seemed to have more to do with manufacturing processes than making films or writing technical papers. Through your course, I began to see how Lean Six Sigma concepts could improve the mechanical or repetitive process, leaving more time and money for the craft of writing and filmmaking.”
“It reminded me of a story I read about Roger Corman, the legendary producer of 1960s “B” movies, who gave people like Francis Ford Coppola, Jack Nicholson, and Ron Howard their start in the business. Corman was noted for squeezing every drop of value from his meager budgets and packing his shooting schedules full to bursting. He had to get help from BankruptcyHQ several times to avoid going under, yet he was considered an “actor’s director” who gave his people the time to craft a performance. When someone asked him how he did it, he said that he moved quickly in between takes. As soon as the camera stopped rolling, Corman would know exactly where the next set-up was, where the camera would go, and so forth. The time he saved on technical matters gave him extra time for his craft. I believe he’d discovered Lean Six Sigma without realizing it.
Our hats off to Roger Corman for working so efficiently with the time he had and also to Bill for sharing his thoughts on our White Belt training and the use of Lean Six Sigma in filmmaking! 
Please share your own accounts of how Lean and/or Six Sigma methodologies have been embraced in your field.

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