7 Action Steps to Improving Your Bottom Line

The Peak Performance Formula – A 7 Step Action Plan 

By Paul Gormas – President, Breakthrough Performance Group, LLC

What is Peak Performance?Peak Performance First of all, what do we mean by “Peak Performance?”  We have all heard of “high performance” and many associates, teams and organizations strive for high performance. The question is: How high is high?  If I set a goal of Peak Performance for an organization, I mean the highest possible level of performance achievable by that organization.  We are striving to “Summit” as an organization.

 – Striving for the Summit creates a significant competitive advantage over our competitors who neither subscribe to nor practice this approach. The next question is:  How do we do it? How do we achieve Peak Performance? The keys words are “do it.”  I am going to describe and prescribe a formula of seven action steps for Peak Performance.


Grand Slam Win – The Peak Performance formula is knit together by an overriding goal to achieve the “Grand Slam Win.” When we intentionally endeavor to create winners of not only the Organization and Customers, but of the Associates and Suppliers as well, we will achieve the highest possible level of sustainable performance and competitive advantage.

Formula for Peak Performance

  1. Train and unify leadership around Peak Performance concepts and continuous improvement (Lean Six Sigma) methodologies.
  2. Establish quantified Peak Performance goals with time frames and develop goals with associate input at every level of the organization aligned with the C-level goals.
  3. Communicate a shared Peak Performance vision throughout the whole organization in a 3P fashion (prolifically, pervasively and persuasively).   
  4. Assess measurable outcomes including customer requirements, critical business issues and opportunities in need of improvement to accomplish Peak Performance goals. Prioritize issues and opportunities.
  5. Train all associates in Lean Six Sigma methodologies and effective teamwork; empower associates to work as teams operationally and through problem solving initiatives to achieve Peak Performance goals.
  6. Motivate associates and teams through strategic compensation, reward and recognition systems which drive performance to accomplish the organization’s Peak Performance goals.
  7. Create a unified organizational culture around common Peak Performance goals, customer focus, open communication, mutual trust and respect, continuous improvement and high levels of associate engagement, utilization and commitment.    

There are simple, straight forward and common sense techniques for implementing each of the action steps of the formula, but the key again is to “Just Do It”.  I will tell you how and give you examples of where and how they worked in the real world. Stay tuned for follow-up articles where we will take a deeper dive into Peak Performance. 

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