Client Testimonials

“Paul is an incredible instructor. He takes time and creates an environment that allows for discussion.” Judith Cockrell, 4/25/14


“This training was a game changer for me. It has provided a methodology for success and continuous improvement.” Mustapha Mohammed, 4/25/14


“The instructor’s stories brought the material to life. I was able to take information and tools that I’ve learned throughout my career and put them in a package that will allow for greater impact in my organization.” Doncella Alexander, 4/25/14


“Plenty of material and covered material very well. Paul is truly committed to Six Sigma and Lean Process and it shows in his passion during the course. Really nice place.” Greg Black, 4/11/14


“Very knowledgeable and provided real world examples that helped the material to come to life.” Dan Cowan, 4/11/14


“Great comments and insight from real life. Helped me understand how to put ideas into practice. Was very impressed with instructor.” Mary Willenborg, 3/14/14


“The content is excellent, but the personal examples that Paul shared make the class! Paul’s experience and knowledge are top notch.”  Stacey Studzinski, 3/14/14


“It was evident that Paul took great care in preparing the class materials and adding real-world professional experiences to illustrate key concepts. Paul’s combination of skills and expertise were excellent in conveying how the LSS (Lean Six Sigma) philosophy and practice should be employed within any organization.” Jennifer Foust, 10/4/13


“The materials are spot on!!! I can use these materials right away. Loved the stories, how they relate to the real world. Registration process was very smooth – Thank You!!” Jason Williams, 4/25/14


“Paul is a very good instructor and passionate about the subject.” Black Belt Student, 2/14/14


“Overall I was very pleased with this course and would highly recommend it to anyone who felt their career would benefit form this certification. Paul did a great job presenting the material, answering questions and providing real world examples. Paul’s background in business was a big asset in helping understand this course.” John Gould, 1/17/14


“Content was excellent and the quality of the slides were very good and informative. Excellent, lots of good material and examples of past successes. Nice location and space.” Black Belt Student 1/17/14



“Paul and Tasos, I can only tell you how much I appreciated your time and teachings. This certification will open up new and wonderful adventures in employment. I am looking forward to the new year to find a GREAT new career that I can enjoy until I retire.” Black Belt student, 12/26/13


“Expanded my knowledge in great measure. Will help me to apply my experience to a greater future. Examples really help me to understand the material.” Jim Alward, 10/1/13


“The course not only provided information to take back to the office, but the discussion prompted great introspection as a leader.” Black Belt Student, 12/13/13


“Value training, applicable to nearly, any situation/issue requiring improvement. Invaluable training!!” Shelly Martel, 11/8/13


“Great content and examples and discussions. [Instructor was] very interesting and knowledgeable on subject.” Tom Lowry, 10/18/13


“Paul was a pleasure to listen to and learn from. His experience and examples were awesome. The material hit the appropriate topics and allowed us to explore the detailed materials that will always be used as reference. I was very pleased with the course.” Jim Fontana, 11/8/13


“Material is great and will be useful going forward. Paul was informative, helpful, gave great examples of how the process works.” Black Belt student, 10/18/13


“Plenty of great materials/resources. [Instructor displayed] vast knowledge. Great use of real-life scenarios. Good mixture of content. Great opportunity for all to speak/share. Great class!” Rob Clark, 10/18/13


“Excellent organization of material. Efficient & effective with great dynamic atmosphere. Great examples to bring the concepts to light. Very knowledgeable & holistic. Experience in invaluable.” Shannon Berigan, 4/5/13


“Instructor was very informative and presented the information in a manner that a novice (like myself) could understand.” Lynn Vaughan, 8/23/13


“Really like and understand the holistic view in this training. Every company should take training or learn more about Lean Six Sigma from Paul.” Joan Wooten, 4/5/13


“This course will help me in my career path and help the future organization I will be with. Paul had a lot of good examples of real world situations which will be very beneficial.” Bob Richardson, 11/30/12


“The contents of the subject matter will be very helpful on my job. Paul’s experience in the subject was beneficial in understanding how it all comes together in business.”  Clark Mayweather, 4/20/12


“I see value in so many aspects of my life.”  Donna Wares, 4/20/12


“Comprehensive overview of Lean Six Sigma. Well detailed materials. [Instructor] Easy style. Very knowledgeable. Extensive real world experiences.” Mike Fuller, 4/20/12


“Great stuff, have always agreed with the concepts, I loved getting Paul’s perspective with all of his experiences from so many functional angles over the years, and willingness to share stories & build on our comments & questions.” Dean Swomley, 11/30/2012


“Materials and content was just fabulous. Materials are great reference tools. I loved Paul’s tie in of personal experiences with Six Sigma Black Belt.”  Minda McCoy, 4/22/11


“Beyond exceptional and excellent! Very knowledgeable; Paul shared many real life Lean Six Sigma experiences across many companies, took the time to listen to students/questions, etc. I learned a lot through his experience and knowledge shared. Tremendous learning experience! I feel empowered to take the Lean Six Sigma knowledge gained, reinvent myself and pursue new opportunities in Lean Six Sigma.” Beverly Motley, 4/22/11


“Thank you very much. The instructor was excellent and had much experience with the subject matter. The instructor had a passion for the material which made learning very enjoyable.” Black Belt student, 7/20/2012


“Paul’s experience was great for providing examples.” Bob Brems, 10/24/12


“Very thorough and easy to understand! Paul is: Excellent! Very personable and breaks things down so you can grasp the concepts! Great Facility! I believe I benefited from every aspect of the training and am excited to go and apply what I learned!” Black Belt student, 1/25/12


“[Instructor] had a background story for every single question. I love that! Made it enjoyable and understandable. Loved the snacks and lunch. Comfortable environment. I will benefit from the project as well.” Suzanne Marquart, 1/25/12


” [I] now have a model for process improvement in my tool-kit. This course will result not only in greater efficiency for what I do professionally, but provides me with greater earning potential!!” Black Belt student, 1/25/12


“Excellent course, this is the future of business transformation.” Craig Olis, 11/30/12


“Thank you Paul – everything was excellent, well worth the trip from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati. Your experience and timeliness of you injecting [your experiences] into the program was extremely valuable!” Judy Jones, 11/30/12


“Paul taught at a level that was easy for me to understand and grasp – excellent teacher and excellent discussion!” Craig Bishop, 2/22/13 


“Excellent material, well put together. Appreciate the passion Paul has for the material. Very easy, no hassle registration.” Jason Bobabe, 2/22/13


“Real world stories related to the content taught – this was extremely helpful in connecting the content to real application. Class was engaging and informative. Instructor was critical to learning.” Black Belt student, 3/22/13


“This was a wonderful session and I have learned many new skills to move forward and expand my career. Thanks!” Black Belt student, 3/22/13


“I am so glad I was given the opportunity to receive this training. Thank you so much!” Jules Camarda, 5/17/13


“Very comprehensive for a week long course on the subject/material. Thank you!” Stuart Cox, 6/28/13


“Great class! Good examples used!” Green Belt student, 7/26/13


“Good combination of information on slides & manual. [Instructor displayed] great field knowledge & education!” Michelle Cox, 7/24/13


“[Instructor was] very good integrating example stories to drive various points. Very technically knowledgeable on the subject matter.” Black Belt student, 8/23/13

“Very good materials. [Instructor’s] experience in case studies/applications were very interesting.” Black Belt student, 9/13/13